I love recruiting.  I started my career as a recruiter but eventually moved more into training, business development and managerial roles that took me away from the recruiting as a day to day.  But every so often, because of the needs of the clients, I would find myself back in the recruiting chair for a day or two and it’s always a great reminder why I love recruiting so much.

Sometimes, I would hear recruiters complain about the monotony of the job, or just sound plain miserable on the phone. And I get it, it can get stressful when you have clients whose business depends on you finding the right candidate, RIGHT AWAY!

But when you have one of those days, take a step back and think recruiting in this way:

  • You’re in a position where you get to meet new people every day and on very intimate terms.  You get to learn about their motivations, dreams and aspirations. And that’s important to remember because it’s a pretty big deal to get to know people on that level.
  • You have a chance to learn something new every day.  With so many new people to talk to each day, imagine the possibilities!  And somewhere in the process, you’ll learn a little more about yourself too.  I remember a conversation I had with candidate I placed, telling him that I use to draw but didn’t anymore because I couldn’t find the time.   A week later he sent me a nice little package with a sketchbook and some pencils so I can pick up my hobby again and to thank me for helping him find a job after being out of work for a year due to the economic downturn.  That day I learned the importance of listening, compassion and making time for myself.
  • You can make it as fun as you want or as boring as you want.  I use to tell people when asking for referrals that my manager would make me eat a piece of paper (or a live goldfish, or pull out a chunk of hair) for each day I didn’t have a candidate (sadistic, yes).  Everyone knew it was a joke, but it actually helped with getting referrals and it made people laugh (or scared)!
  • It’s rewarding.  Yes, sometimes you pick up the phone and the person on the other line yells at you for no reason because they have a negative image of recruiters (I’ll get to that one on another post), but you can’t let those moments bring you down.  And remember, what you do matter.  If you always put the other person’s priority first you’ll be amazed at the satisfaction you get in return from knowing that you helped them find a better situation or land their dream job.
  • You have a chance to make new, sometimes life-long friends…

So next time you pick up the phone, have a little fun with it!