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June 2017

Here’s a to-do list you can download for your use!

No email required to download.  Don't worry, we are not a fan of spamming! I created this as a way to keep track of openings, candidates and a way to visualize my productivity for the day. To-Do-List  

March 2017

Taking Risks & New Beginnings

About 10 years ago I decided to pick up and move to New York.  With two suitcases I came to New York and stayed with a friend who was nice enough to let me crash.  The thought of moving to New York at that time was thrilling yet incredibly scary.  Besides knowing 3 people, I [...]

February 2017

If You’re Not Having Fun as a Recruiter, You’re Doing it Wrong!

I love recruiting.  I started my career as a recruiter but eventually moved more into training, business development and managerial roles that took me away from the recruiting as a day to day.  But every so often, because of the needs of the clients, I would find myself back in the recruiting chair for a [...]