Recruiting can be tough, we know…we were in the thick of it for years…in one of the most saturated and competitive market of them all, New York City.  But we love the profession because we know it can be fun, exciting and rewarding when approached in the right way.

We decided to fuse our experience in recruiting and our devotion toward people development to create Chalk Talk and voilà here we are!  A bit about us:

  • Trained over 100 recruiting and sales teams
  • Built and mentored teams of 15+ recruiters and salespeople
  • Managed multi-million dollar portfolios (individually and divisionally)
  • Worked in technical and non-technical divisions
  • Started new verticals and created new territories
  • Collaborated with businesses to create staffing plans and SOPs
  • Worked with startups as well as mature businesses

We understand the challenges you face.

For a recruiting firm to build the right kind of business and attract the right kind of clients you have to build the right team.

In order for a talent acquisition team to be successful, you have to build an efficient process, a robust pipeline, a strong brand, and an inviting candidate experience.

We’ve been successful in our careers because customer service and the client & candidate experience have always been at the forefront of our approach.  Our main purpose is to train your team not only to recruit and develop business but to be attentive to the experiences throughout the process in order to build a brand that stands out from others.